Little Riders are changing the world

Little Riders are changing the world

Most of us remember it as if it was yesterday. Whizzing down gravel streets, having finally mastered the art of pushing down on pedals while remaining upright. A simple concept that just never seemed to stick, until now. A true movie-esque moment as the wind hits your face, riding a bike represents one of the joys of being a carefree child.

For many kids, their most memorable moments are spent outside, seeing what the world has to offer. From climbing trees and discovering the countryside to riding brightly-coloured bikes, it’s these small things that we look back on nostalgically in our later years. But taking to our two-wheelers doesn’t just have an individual impact. Let’s talk about why it’s important for little riders to get their pedals moving, for the wider community and beyond…

We’re going to make a bold statement here – Kids cycling is changing world, in a positive way!

Little Riders around the world

A big claim, we know. But it’s true! No matter whether they’re still in the runny-nose-yet-oh-so-cute stage or on the verge of teen-hood, cycling offers huge impacts to children’s learning development, happiness and fitness levels.

So, how is kids cycling changing the world?

Discipline. Even the Chris Froome’s among us didn’t zip through the streets on their first try. It takes time and commitment to gain skill, teaching our children that if they put their mind to their goals, they will achieve. It’s a valuable lesson that will be taken with them through life, all stemming from their momentous first pedal.

Life Skills. Now, we’re not just talking about the importance of being able to ride a bike; from days spent riding around the local streets with friends to making your way to work before you have your first runabout (or even after, for the energetic among us!). Cycling teaches valuable skills, which will aid an active lifestyle. Cognitive abilities, such as hand-eye coordination, balance and control, play a part in the development of a child, from doing puzzles, catching a ball, and even reading and writing.

Fitness. Just like the continual quest to eat their greens, getting children’s bodies moving and blood flowing can be no mean feat. With bedrooms littered with distractions, from games consoles to iPads, it’s vital to make fitness fun to ensure your child is as healthy as can be, with great habits created early in life. An appealing aspect of cycling as a route to athleticism is that it’s low impact, meaning that your child doesn’t need to be a fitness fanatic to be able to get involved and improve their overall activity levels. Those all-important sports day races will become a walk in the park after a few circulation-boosting bike rides!

Social Skills. As your child swings their leg over their bike seat, it’s often the first time they are fully in control. They are responsible for being aware of other road users and keeping themselves safe, away from the parental reach. This independence teaches the importance of community, with your child in charge of decision-making and communicating with passers-by where necessary, they will be given a new-found dose of confidence to make their own choices based on in-the-moment judgements.

Mental Wellbeing. From babies being coddled to adults embarking on stress-relieving walks, we all have our vices to combat emotion strain. For children, it can be difficult to regulate emotions, which is why it’s important to find an activity that will calm their anguish and become something to look forward to. More oxygen means more brain power, so allowing your child to get a vital dose of fresh air through spending time outdoors will act as a natural anxiety-soother.

Eco-friendly. Going green and teaching our little ones about the importance of looking after our planet bodes well for the future of our environment. Leaps and bounds greater for the climate than hopping into a car to get from A-to-B, creating bike commuters early will be a step in the right direction for a pollution-free, sustainable world for future generations.

Healthy competition. A balance between your child having a healthy drive to thrive, while free of excess stress when things don’t quite go their way is vital for emotional regulation, from schoolyard games to classroom challenges, as well as team sports when the time comes. With the introduction of participation prizes and ‘competition’ condemned at an early age, instilling that notion that win or lose, their ambition, drive and respect must remain is an important attribute. Competition in the right doses for children is good, unlocking the key to a world of determination, aspiration and pushing boundaries.

And ultimately, it’s fun! A way to add a dose of freedom into our children’s lives, releasing feel-good endorphins while getting out into the world and discovering new things, cycling is the key to a healthy, happy lifestyle. Our pride and joys, a happy child creates a happy parent. Making kids across the world beam with joy, there remains no better alternative to feeling on top of the world at any age.

So, shaping our future adults who will go onto become leaders and pillars of the community, riding really is having a profound impact on the world!

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