Little Rider Army take over the GT Malvern’s Classic MTB Festival


That’s a wrap for the GT Malvern’s Classic Mountain Bike festival for this year. What an event! From dirt jumps, racing and enduro to Balance bike races, trade stands and DJ’s – It was the bike event of the year!

Little Rider Co were proud to be one of the main sponsors for the Balance Bike World Championship at the GT Malverns Classic Mountain Bike festival.

It was amazing to see so many Little Riders across the fields of Malvern – We received so much support, the World Champ jersey presentations for the Balance bike winners was amazing!

"We are super excited to be working with Pink Bike, Si Paton & the Malverns crew this year and supporting all the kids events and races. Si is a huge supporter of kids cycling and everything he does aligns with our mission to get kids on bikes and feeling confident. We don't work with everyone and we don't offer custom services, we only collaborate with cool brands on a similar mission.

Working on the Malverns project is a perfect fit and we are excited on what we can do together in the future!"
Mike - Little Rider Co

“It's been an absolute pleasure working with Mike from Little Rider Co from the initial idea concept right through to the design and delivery of the final product!"
Si Paton - Festival Director   

Below are some of our favourite highlights – Who’s coming next year?


Getting ready to rock in style!


Getting ready to welcome the Little Rider Army to Malvern


Little Rider Gear all setup and on show at the Malverns Classic


Lots of excitement in the Little Rider Racing


Little Riders stoked to see our Little Rider Springer Vehicle


Little Rider rocking their World Champ Jersey and medal



The Little Rider World Championship Jersey in all its glory


The Little Rider stand busy in action


Another excited Little Rider at the Little Rider Stand


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